Floor Cleaning Machines

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TASKI Single Discs

Standard/Low Speed Machines

TASKI® ergodisc® HD – 150rpm -54kg – 43cm
The ergodisc® HD is ideal for heavy duty applications, such as floor stripping, marble crystallization or wood treatment.

TASKI® ergodisc® 165 rpm-42kg-43cm
The ergodisc® 165 is especially suited for wet scrubbing, stripping, buffing, spray cleaning, shampooing,


TASKI® ergodisc® 200 rpm-34kg-43cm
TASKI® ergodisc® 200 single-disc machines offer quiet, comfortable cleaning and are adaptable to a variety of cleaning tasks.


Duo/Twin Speed Machine


TASKI® ergodisc® duo-165rpm/330rpm- 48kg-43cm
TASKI® ergodisc® duo is a Multi-purpose, cost-efficient machine: adaptable to many different cleaning tasks and has a full range of accessories available to suit various tasks


High Speed Machines

TASKI® ergodisc® 400rpm-35kg-43cm
The ergodisc 400 is especially suited for spray cleaning and buffing.Ease of use results in improved efficiency and productivity. Better working conditions are created by improved anatomically formed grip ,adjustable handle bar height ,low vibration level, low noise level and soft start

TASKI® ergodisc® omni. 900rpm-42kg-43cm
The ergodisc omni unifies high speed (900rpm) with high pad pressure. These features, combined with specially formulated chemicals and pads, can be used for deep cleaning and burnishing as well as daily maintenance. The unique multi-directional operation makes the machine easy to use, even in congested areas.


TASKI® ergodisc® 1200rpm-42kg-51cm
TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 High-speed machine burnisher is ideal for spray cleaning and buffing ,It uses straight line action rather than side to side action and the high speed ensures an even, high-gloss finish in a fraction of the time. Working with a flexible drive pad, and centre feed make for a superb cleaning and restorative system. Ideal for large,heavy traffic areas.



Auto Scrubber Driers Carpet Care Machines
Vacuums Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Single Discs


TASKI Swingo 755

TASKI Swingo 150E

TASKI Swingo 350

After Sales Service

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke service greements. When your machine needs attention, we have the experience, skill,know how and parts to get it working

Our after-sales service includes:

  • Technical help desk
  • Stock carried on service vans
  • Centralised spare part stocks for fast delivery
  • Tailor-made service agreements
  • Preventive maintenance agreements
  • Highly skilled service technicians
  • All brands of machines serviced

The benefits of leasing

100% Tax efficient
All leasing payments are 100% tax allowable.  Every payment that is made on a leasing agreement
could qualify to reduce a  tax bill.

Improves cash flow
Leasing allows you to purchase equipment that is important to your business and keep  valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient.